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The mysterious Kuril islands is paradise for any romantic traveller. These inaccessible, desert islands dont frighten off with their geographical isolation, acting volcanoes and the severe cli-mate, they also strengthen desire to get to those foggy, fire - breathing islands former military fortresses of the Japanese army, hiding many secrets deeply under the ground till now.

Like a delicate bridge with a chain of small islands the Kuril arch connects two worlds Kamchatka and Japan. The Kuril islands are a part of the Pacific ring of volcanoes. The islands are the peaks of the volcanic range 1 2 km high and many kilometers deep under the water.

There are more than 150 volcanoes on the islands, 39 among them are active. The highest vol-cano Alaid (2339 m) is located on the Atlasov island. There are many thermal springs, some of them possess healing qualities and are connected with the volcanic activity.

The experts compare the Kuril islands with a huge Botanical garden, where there are representa-tives of various kinds of Japanese-Korean, Manchurian and Kamchatka flora. A polar birch and yew, larch with a fur-tree and wild grapes, cedar and a velvet tree, liana and a carpet of cowberry grow together here. Travelling through the islands, one can find himself in different natural zones: you can get from primordial taiga to the subtropical thickets, from tundra to the jungle of huge grass.

The sea bottom around the islands is covered with rich vegetation. Numerous fishes, mollusks, sea animals find themselves a refuge here, and the pure crystal water gives best opportunities to travel in the jungle of sea cabbage, where divers can make the unique discoveries which remind us about the war history of the Kuril archipelago - sunk ships and the Japanese military machinery.

The company "Kuriles-tour" will help you to carry out any of the most courageous travels through the islands, to feel yourself a discoverer and a researcher. With the help of perfectly skilled guides, experts with the large experience, you can not only make a trip on the chosen tour, but also participate in research expeditions.

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